What is SoulWorks?

SoulWorks utilizes Network Chiropractic and hydrotherapy as a practice to build wellness. We provide a unique healing perspective. Unlike the treatment of disease that may merely alleviate a symptom, our practices will help you deeply connect to your body and mind, reduce your pain, tension, and stress and create a profound level of inner balance, vitality, and well being. Most disease is attributable to lifestyle, environmental factors or habits that negatively affect the body over a lifetime. People under our care change these destructive patterns by making healthier choices, having a sense of increased well-being, and making dramatic life changes that better support their healing. SoulWorks helps your body be made whole and to heal.

How we can help?


  • You recently started noticing pain in your neck, back, head or somewhere else in your body

  • You’ve been suffering with chronic, ongoing or recurring pain for years


  • You’re not in pain but you’re under a lot of stress or pressure, and your body and mind are overworked and overwhelmed

  • You need to be able to focus instead of feeling so scattered


  • You want to have a body and mind that are at peak performance

  • You are feeling depressed, frustrated or unhappy with some aspect of your life

  • You already feel great and want to deepen and enhance your experience to feel even better



At SoulWorks we are dedicated to you:

End your pain and transform chronic tension

Have more energy, focus, creativity, and clarity

Create a profound level of well-being in your life

End cycles of worry and bad moods

Live with greater joy and happiness

Heal naturally

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Thursday: 12:00pm to 1:30pm
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Friday: 12:00pm to 1:30pm
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